N I L L (manmade_angel) wrote,

005 ✝ fifth step [written/action]

[Now that the truth has finally come out about Badou and Haine's pranks, Nill is one angry little angel. How could they lie to her like that? Nill spent hours hiding Badou's cigarettes all over the house, and days making those clothes for Haine. They just let her do that to get back at the other!]

[She has to get back at them somehow. But instead of trying another prank, she's just going to leave the house. After labeling all of the leftovers for Mihai and Naoto and retreating back to her room, she shoves some clothes into her pillowcase and climbs out her window with all of it and her journal.]

[No filter on this one. She's too mad for filters:]

Mister Mihai, Miss Naoto, I'm not coming home until Badou and Haine learn to get along!

[...this will be a long self-inflicted exile.]

[She sets out to find someone to stay with. At least she knows it's too cold to be outside all the time, so Nill decides it's best to find a friend. Maybe...]

[Getting a thought, she heads to the building she used to live in--across the hall from Rokuta. She even climbs all the stairs before she realizes... he's not there.]

[So now she's walking around town, trying to find him.]

((OOC: Reply to her note, find her walking around--whichever! \o/))
Tags: +badou, +haine, +ikki, +kurt, +mihai, +naoto, +okita, +rokuta, +shouryuu, +ventus, @ house 31, @ town
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