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Nov. 27th, 2011

are you alright

012 ✝ twelfth step [written]

Two days ago these sentences appeared in my journal, and yesterday one of them came true. So the other predictions are probably true, right?

I never knew I had a sibling. Maybe they don't want to say they are my sibling because they're gay?

But I'd love them anyway! Does anyone know where my sibling is? I would be very happy to have a brother or sister. Has anyone heard anything?

Aug. 1st, 2011

we all have rough starts

011 ✝ eleventh step [action]

[She was sick for a long time, but a month's worth of rest has helped her fight the infection as well as regrow her feathers and lose all of her stitches. And seeing as she's been ill and hasn't had any strength, she and Haine are still living in the same nearly-empty house. Which has been... interesting for the past few days.]

[In fact, until today, she's managed to keep out of trouble and away from the various enemies prowling the town. Today, though, she feels up to going to the grocery store again. And when she opens the door, these are staring right at her. And does she ever recognize them...]

[Abandon grocery wagon: Nill starts running for her life, soldier hands reaching out to grab her. They aren't opening fire just yet, thankfully. What could she do against that? For now, she can keep running and try to outmaneuver them, but something tells her that once she starts to slow down, things won't look so good for her.]

Jun. 20th, 2011

an angel wings

010 ✝ tenth step [written]

[Nill just returned yesterday from her retroactive kidnapping, and she is certainly worse for wear. Not only has she undergone two surgeries (one to give her vocal chords and one to remove them), but she's ill and exhausted and has lost both Badou and Mr. Mihai. Except she has to be strong for Haine, and bake Draco a birthday cake, and make sure Kurt was okay and read that book he gave her... She's been gone since before the draftees came back.]

[But she can't get up, so when she wakes up from another few hours asleep, Nill pulls her journal over and writes something.]

Has everyone come back home okay? From the fighting?

May. 10th, 2011

holding on and waiting

009 ✝ ninth step [action/accidental video]

[The video starts--and good luck to those with motion sickness, because it looks like Nill is running with the journal flapping open. There's green and trees, but almost no noise aside from her running. No breathing, just her feet.]

[Nill is a fast runner, but eventually running and crying catches up with her, and she trips. The journal rolls with her and she lands on top of it. For a few frames, it's obvious that she's crying. She pushes herself up to her knees and and wipes her eyes on her sleeve. For a few moments she looks around at where she's landed, then notices the journal's recording, and ends it.]

May. 1st, 2011

just friends!

008 ✝ eighth step [action/written - backdated to event end]

[Sleepily, Nill stirs in bed, shifting and cuddling up against another warm body. It's too early to get up, the monsters and worrying about Draco being outdoors while the--]

[Warm body. Draco her son. Nill didn't have a son, Nill was fifteen years old and not married.]

[She opens her eyes a little, hoping that this person she's sleeping so closely to isn't--oh yes it is. Kazutaka, the person she was apparently married to for a week, who Badou and Mr. Mihai didn't approve of. Nill's mind starts racing: what should she do? Shake him awake, tell him that it was very nice to be his wife for a week and she was going home now? And what about Draco? How had she not seen that Draco was years older than she was, and so it was impossible for him to be her son?]

[No, she couldn't just get up and run home, it would hurt them both. Make them think they had done something to offend or upset her. All in all, it hadn't been a bad few days, truthfully...]

[Nill sits up in bed and opens up her journal to the mass of chaos occurring (again). She doesn't want to wake poor Kazutaka, so Nill eases out of bed to go write to everyone.]


I'm alright, I'm coming home once Draco and Kaz Mr. Muraki wake up.

Mar. 30th, 2011

angel puppy

007 ✝ seventh step [action]

[Nill's finding it a little hard to adapt to being a puppy. There isn't much she can do in the way of chores or cooking. At least the laundry isn't piling up while this latest experiment is going on, considering Badou, Mister Mihai, Miss Naoto, and Haine have all turned into dogs. It was a little funny to see, all of them standing around, looking a little dumbfounded at this latest development. But she thought they all looked cute! Dogs with wings were cute... Even if Haine and Badou didn't think so.]

[Of course, given that she has this little mini-vacation while she's waiting for her thumbs to come back, Nill decides to go walking. She trots along the road, feeling a little free without her errand-wagon or grocery list. There's quite a bit to see this week, after all, and Nill's curiosity seems to have spiked this week. She's into everything and greeting everybody before she knows what she's doing.]

Feb. 27th, 2011

holding on and waiting

006 ✝ sixth step [action]

[The second Nill hears from Rokuta where Shouryuu has gone and what's going on, Nill races back across the road to her own house. She leaves everything behind, she isn't even wearing shoes--she's just terrified that something's happened to one of her friends as well.]

[She bursts through the door, panting to catch her breath from the sprint and looks wildly around for everyone. Nill tears through the house, looking in every room, trying to find them all, opening doors, looking inside, then running to the next one even if there was someone inside. Haine, Naoto, Badou...]

[She comes to Mihai's room... and it's empty. Of course she wants to believe that he's just gone out for something and gotten lost so she has to go find him again. But that horrible, sinking feeling is settling in her stomach and won't go away no matter how she tries to count how many times he's gotten lost.]

[He's gone. And the last time he saw her, she was angry. Why had she done that?]

Feb. 23rd, 2011

bullets and tiny fists

005 ✝ fifth step [written/action]

[Now that the truth has finally come out about Badou and Haine's pranks, Nill is one angry little angel. How could they lie to her like that? Nill spent hours hiding Badou's cigarettes all over the house, and days making those clothes for Haine. They just let her do that to get back at the other!]

[She has to get back at them somehow. But instead of trying another prank, she's just going to leave the house. After labeling all of the leftovers for Mihai and Naoto and retreating back to her room, she shoves some clothes into her pillowcase and climbs out her window with all of it and her journal.]

[No filter on this one. She's too mad for filters:]

Mister Mihai, Miss Naoto, I'm not coming home until Badou and Haine learn to get along!

[...this will be a long self-inflicted exile.]

[She sets out to find someone to stay with. At least she knows it's too cold to be outside all the time, so Nill decides it's best to find a friend. Maybe...]

[Getting a thought, she heads to the building she used to live in--across the hall from Rokuta. She even climbs all the stairs before she realizes... he's not there.]

[So now she's walking around town, trying to find him.]

((OOC: Reply to her note, find her walking around--whichever! \o/))

Feb. 16th, 2011

somehow i know

004 ✝ fourth step [written]

I met someone I'd never seen before on Valentine's Day, and even though that was the first time we'd met, I felt something. Something special and different. We held hands all day and talked until I had to go home.

I want to do something special for him! But I don't know what...

Yes, I'm talking about you, ♥ Ikki ♥.

Feb. 8th, 2011

so trusting

003 ✝ third step [action/video]

Filtered from Haine

[The video feed starts up and there's a brief picture of a blue eye, then an excited smile once she realizes it's recording. Nill stands up with her journal and passes the camera over what appears to be a rather... colorful array of clothing. Oranges, greens, a purple shirt, a yellow scarf with blue fringe... And most of it is either horrifically patterned, gathered, or has bows sewn to it.]

[But she looks so proud of it all. Nill sets the journal down and holds up a neatly written note:]

'I made this for an important person, because he thinks his clothes are too scary. If you see him, please say hello! He's very nice, even if you don't think he looks it.'


[Nill opens her door and looks down the hallway before ducking back in and carrying the pile of atrocities into Haine's room. Badou has already 'helpfully' emptied out Haine's closet so Nill can hang her surprise up. Once she's done, she heads back to the living room and waits for Haine to come home.]

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